Custom Ear Plugs

Custom ear plugs are one of the best ways to protect our ears against damage due to noise exposure and water entry. They are also great for those who have difficulty wearing ear buds supplied with telephone, communication or stereo devices. These ear plugs are hypoallergenic, so can be used by people with sensitive skin and are available in bright colours for children or in discreet tones for adults.

Custom ear plugs are made from the shape of your ear, so only you can wear them. They provide the best comfort and the best protection against noise damage and water entry. If looked after properly, they can last for years and are ideal for anyone who is exposed to noise such as factory workers, musicians, motorbike riders, or for those whose have sleeping difficulties. For children with grommets or those who can’t get water into the ear canal, swim plugs are an excellent choice for protection against water entry. Communication plugs can be used by security guards, police & musicians to provide comfort and clarity when using communication devices.

Custom ear plugs are suitable for all ages and are available in a range of colours. At All Ears In Hearing we supply and fit custom made hearing protection as we believe that custom ear plugs are the best form of hearing protection for our ears.

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What are the advantages of Custom Made Hearing Protection?


One of the problems that many people may face with disposable ear plugs is comfort. As they are a universal size, they can sometimes be too small or too big or don’t sit in the ears correctly. Because custom hearing protection is made from your own ears, you can be assured of the most comfortable fit.

Sealing of the Ear Canal

Disposable ear plugs are a good form of hearing protection if worn correctly. However, many people who wear disposable ear protection, do not insert it properly and are unaware they are not effectively protecting the ear against noise damage. For hearing protection to work effectively, an air-tight seal is required between the hearing protection and the ear canal. As custom protection is made from the shape of your own canals, a secure fit is ensured, providing much more effective protection against noise damage than the disposable type.

To prevent water from entering the ear canal, an airtight seal is required between the ear plug and the ear canal. A good fit is essential to ensure that water doesn’t leak into the canal. As custom swim plugs are made from the shape of your ears, a secure fit is ensured, providing the most effective protection against water entry.

Types of Custom Ear Plugs

  • Plugs to protect against noise
  • Plugs to protect against water entry
  • Plugs to help with communication

Plugs to Protect Against Noise

Why wear Hearing Protection?

Hearing is considered to be one of our most important senses, as it provides a connection with the world that vision, touch and smell cannot provide. Think about how much we rely on our hearing everyday. From simple things like watching and listening to the TV or radio, hearing the microwave beep when our food is ready, hearing the telephone ring or even hearing a baby’s cries. Hearing is so important in being able to communicate effectively with our family and friends.

Hearing loss is very real and its debilitating effects have such a profound impact on our life. Hearing loss is permanent and there are no medications or cures that can restore the damage that has occurred to our hearing through noise exposure. The best way to avoid hearing loss is to wear hearing protection when exposed to noise.

The most important thing to remember about hearing protection, is that if you don’t have the plugs inserted correctly, you will not be protecting your ears. Even removing the protection for the shortest periods in noisy environments will cancel out the effects of the protection. Therefore, it’s very important to wear hearing protection before exposure to sounds and to remove the protection after the noise has stopped and when in a quiet area. Taking care of your ears means you may not require hearing aids in the future.

Types of Plugs to Protect Against Noise Exposure

Solid Noise Plugs

These plugs are the largest of the plug types as they sit in the ear and in the ear canal. They are designed to give maximum protection against noise, reducing sound by up to 40dB. They are best suited for industrial workers or people who are exposed to loud sounds. They are also suitable for use with motorized gardening equipment and most power tools.

Musician Plugs

Musician ear plugs are fairly small and discreet as they sit in the ear canal. They have a filter inside the plug that allows in some high frequency information, so music and speech can be heard at a safe level without distorting or losing any tonal information. There are 3 filter types, each reducing sound by a different amount, so you can have a small reduction of sound (10dB) or a reduction of up to 25dB. These plugs are suitable for singers, all types of musicians, no matter what type of instrument or style of music you play and for those who work with or enjoy live music and want to protect their hearing.

Motorbike Plugs

Motorbike plugs are designed to reduce engine and road noise. They are available in a solid plug giving maximum noise reduction or in a musician style plug with a filter for different amounts of noise reduction. They are comfortable to wear and won’t interfere with your helmet.

Sleeping Plugs

These plugs are designed to help you get a better nights sleep. If you are a shift worker, have trouble sleeping due to noise such as barking dogs, noisy neighbors or a snoring partner, then these plugs are designed for you. The sleeping plugs will block up to 30dB of sound and are designed to fit comfortably in your ears so they won’t disturb your sleep.

Plugs to Help with Communication

Hands Free Mobile Phone Plugs

For those who have difficulty using the ear buds that are supplied with some mobile phones, a mobile phone plug enables you to wear the ear bud comfortably and securely in your ear without interfering with your telephone conversation. Some people report mobile phone conversation to be much easier and clearer with a mobile phone plug.

Ipod / MP3 Players

Some people find it difficult to wear the ear buds that are supplied with IPODs or MP3 players and don’t like the feel of headphones. Custom ear plugs allow you to wear the ear buds comfortably and securely in the ear and don’t interfere with the sound of the music.

Communication Plugs

These plugs are ideal for security guards, police, musicians and TV presenters to name a few. The plugs are moulded to the shape of the ear and provisions can be made for communication devices to be attached to the mould. As they are custom made, they fit securely in the ear canal and provide a clear transmission into the ear.

Sleeping Earplugs

Sleep Earplugs Give You Better Sleep

Sleep earplugs are the difference between getting a good night’s rest and a sleepless night. They help to block out noise so you can sleep peacefully. There are many different types and brands of earplugs, so it’s important to find the right one for you. Consider your needs and preferences before making a purchase.

If you’re looking for a good pair of sleep earplugs, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Noise reduction rating: The higher the noise reduction rating (NRR), the better the earplugs will block out noise. Look for a pair with an NRR of 30 or higher.
  • Comfort: Earplugs should be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Look for a pair that’s made of soft, hypoallergenic materials.
  • Size: Earplugs come in different sizes. Make sure to choose a size that will fit snugly in your ear without being too uncomfortable.
  • Price: Sleep earplugs can range from very affordable to quite expensive.

What You Stand to Lose if You Don't Use All Ears in Hearing

It’s a great help that there’s an independently owned business of audiologists that know the different types of hearing aids and how they benefit you. Best of all, we’re located right here, in South Brisbane. Here’s a few things we offer:

  • Earplugs for sleeping. Our busy lifestyle and too much “screen time” could be one of the reasons it’s harder to fall asleep at night but staying asleep is another problem. More and more people these days are light sleepers, increasing the need for earplugs.
  • Invisible hearing aids. At some point in your life, you may find yourself needing a hearing aid. These, however, don’t always come in “lifestyle size”. When one thinks of a hearing aid, the immediate image that comes to mind is a big orange device attached to your ear. The truth is, while those are still available, All Ears in Hearing also stocks a wide range of invisible hearing aids and noise ear plugs, that match your lifestyle and anything you wear such as a receiver in the ear canal.
  • Custom earplugs. There are many reasons why people may need hearing aids, but not all aids fit all types of ears. From earplugs for sleeping to noise earplugs, at All Ears in Hearing, we consider the shape and size of your ear before suggesting any type of ear protection.
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