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What We Do?

For more than two decades, we have been providing professional hearing solutions to customers in Brisbane. We know how important it is for you and your loved ones to live the most fulfilling lives possible, so that nothing gets in their way of enjoying life. We cater for both adults and children with our utmost care and service in Hearing Tests, Hearing Technology and Hearing Solutions, Custom Ear Plugs, Hearing Consultation and Tinnitus Management Program.

Who We Are?

All Ears in Hearing provides you with the most appropriate hearing care. We are an independent clinic, not owned by large manufacturers or medical companies so we can provide professional service at competitive prices for your hearing needs.

Our Audiologists and Audiometrists are fully qualified and have the expertise to provide you with the most professional level of hearing care service.

Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves on providing you with the best possible service & hearing care. As we are an independent, owner operated clinic and not owned by hearing aid manufacturers or large medical companies, you can be assured that you are getting the most appropriate hearing solution for your listening needs.

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Hearing Aids and Solutions

We fit the latest technology and hearing devices from all the leading manufacturers and offer all our clients a complimentary 2 week trial of hearing devices and a personalised hearing program.

Hearing Tests
All Ears in Hearing can assess hearing for both children (from age 9 months of age) and adults. No referral is necessary, but a Medicare rebate is available with a GP, ENT or Neurologist referral. Please check with your private health fund if a rebate is available.
Auditory Processing Assessments

Auditory processing refers to how the brain makes sense of what the ear hears. Deficits in Auditory processing result in a breakdown of information travelling from the ears to the brain and are often associated with listening, comprehension, language and learning difficulties.

Microsuction for wax removal
Microsuction is one of the most advanced, effective and safest forms of ear wax removal. A thin tube is carefully inserted into the ear canal and ear wax is removed via suction
Cochlear Implants
A cochlear implant is a small electronic device that can help provide a sense of sound to a person who is profoundly deaf or severely hard-of-hearing.
Custom Ear Plugs
Custom ear plugs are one of the best ways to protect our ears against damage due to noise exposure and water entry. They are also great for those who have difficulty wearing ear buds supplied with telephone, communication or stereo devices.
Communication Strategies

Communication is so important for everyday living. Wearing hearing instruments is the first step in successfully restoring a healthy communication relationship with your family and friends.

Hearing Program for Pensioners and Veterans
The Australian Government has a hearing program for eligible pensioners and veteran affairs card holders, that is managed by the Office of Hearing Services.
Tinnitus Management Program

A Tinnitus Management Program is to help you manage and cope with your tinnitus. Each program is tailored to the individual and involves a range of different strategies and options.

DVA Hearing Assessment
The DVA Hearing Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation conducted by the Department of Veterans Affairs to determine the extent of hearing loss or impairment in veterans.


Hearing Clinics Locations

Rochedale South

Note: Saturday: 9am-12pm by appointment only.

Shailer Park

Note: Please call or text us if you like to visit our Shailer Park Hearing Clinic.

We also do hearing service in the surrounding areas in Underwood Park, Beenleigh, Daisy Hill, Woodridge, Logan Central, Kuraby, Runcorn, Sunnybank, Eight Mile Plains, Rochedale, Upper Mount Gravatt, and Stretton.

Visiting Sites


Calamvale Family Practice Cnr Beaudesert Rd & Nottingham Rd.

Springfield Lakes

Metro Medical Centre, 30/1 Springfield Lakes Blvd.

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We also do hearing service in the surrounding areas in Underwood Park, Beenleigh, Daisy Hill, Woodridge, Logan Central, Kuraby, Runcorn, Sunnybank, Eight Mile Plains, Rochedale, Upper Mount Gravatt, and Stretton.
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