Hearing instruments can amplify sound either through the microphone, through the telecoil or even both simultaneously. A telecoil is a tiny coil of wire fitted into hearing devices, enabling the wearer access to an audio induction loop. The loop carries amplified sound such as speech or music and transmits it in the form of an electromagnetic field to the telecoil in your hearing device.

The telecoil program can be accessed on the hearing instrument either by a program button, switch or remote control. When you are in this program, the microphone is usually switched off, reducing interference from background noise, making it easier for you to hear what is being transmitted.

Not all hearing instruments are fitted with a telecoil. Most behind-the-ear style aids have a telecoil, but some small in-the-ear styles, do not have the room to fit a telecoil.

Using the Telecoil with Telephones

Most corded, landline telephones are compatible with the telecoil in hearing devices. For those phones that are not compatible, such as mobile and cordless phones, a portable induction loop can be used.

Set your hearing device to the telecoil program. Position the phone close to the ear if you wear in-the-ear style devices or up higher near the microphone if you wear the behind the ear style. You may need to practice positioning the phone to find the best signal. Increase the volume on the hearing aid if necessary. Once you have finished the phone call, remember to turn your hearing aid back to the normal listening program.

Loop Systems

Loop systems can be installed in the home or office for TV and sound systems, meetings or to alert the wearer to signals such as doorbells and fire alarms. Portable versions are also available, making them practical for traveling. Contact All Ears in Hearing for further information and free demonstration.

Looped Areas

Many public areas such as ticket offices, banks, post offices, libraries, halls, churches and theatres are fitted with an induction loop system. Sometimes, only part of the room may be looped, so you may need to sit in a special section. If an area is looped, they will have the following sign displayed:
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