Hearing Tests for Children

Hearing Tests

All Ears in Hearing can assess hearing for both children (from 9 months of age) and adults. No referral is necessary and rebates may be available from your private health fund. A Medicare rebate is available for General Practitioner Referrals, Ear Nose and Throat Specialist referral, Neurologist referral or referral through the Chronic Disease Management program.

Testing takes up to an hour and includes a comprehensive assessment which involves a hearing test, speech discrimination test, middle ear function test and a test of cochlear hair cell function. A report will be provided to you or to your GP/ENT.

Children Hearing Tests

If you have concerns about your child’s hearing or if they have a speech and language delay or they are experiencing difficulty with listening and/or learning in the classroom, All Ears in Hearing can assess your child’s hearing. We perform a comprehensive assessment for children aged 3 years and over which includes a hearing test, speech understanding test, middle ear function test and a test of cochlear hair cell function. We make the testing process fun!

If your child is experiencing learning or listening difficulties, they may benefit from an Auditory Processing assessment.

Auditory Processing Assessments

If your child is experiencing learning or listening difficulties, they may benefit from an Auditory Processing assessment. An Auditory Processing assessment can be performed on children aged 7 and older. Auditory processing refers to how the brain makes sense of what the ear hears. Deficits in Auditory processing result in a breakdown of information travelling from the ears to the brain and are often associated with listening, comprehension, language and learning difficulties.

Children with Auditory Processing difficulties typically:

  • Behave as though they have a hearing loss especially in background noise
  • Perform more poorly in classes that are highly dependent on verbal language skills
  • Easily distracted
  • Difficulty following multi-step instructions
  • Refuse to participate in classroom discussions
  • Say ‘huh’ or ‘what’
  • Difficulty spelling
  • Poor reading skills
At All Ears in Hearing, we use a number of tests to assess different auditory processing functions. We then develop an auditory profile that outlines the child’s auditory strengths and weaknesses. Using this profile, we devise a management plan that builds upon the individual child’s strengths & assists in overcoming the identified weaknesses to improve their learning and listening skills.

Bring your children in for a Hearing Test

When you need a trusted paediatric audiologist to bring your children to for a hearing test, choose the professionals at All Ears In Hearing. We create a calming and fun atmosphere to help any child feel comfortable during their hearing test.

Prepare your child for a visit to All Ears in Hearing

We understand that some children may feel apprehensive about their appointment with our paediatric audiologist in Brisbane. To help your child feel more at ease, we suggest that you prepare them in the following ways:

  • Communication is key: Children, like many adults, tend to feel anxiety about something they have never done before. An excellent approach is to take the time to explain to your child what they will experience during their hearing test. This way, they know what to expect and may not feel so nervous about the process.
  • Bring a stuffed animal: Does your little one have a favourite toy or stuffed animal that helps calm their anxiety? Feel free to let them bring it with them on the day of their test.
  • Practice at home: Although it is impossible to replicate the exact process of the test, you can help your child to feel better about their upcoming appointment by giving them a pair of headphones to wear, so they know what the test will feel like. You can play music while your child is wearing the headphones and ask them to respond when the music goes on and off to ensure they understand the premise of the test.

Why trust All Ears in Hearing regarding a hearing test for kids?

The team at All Ears In Hearing understands the concern every parent has about the ear health of their child. We work to provide you with the answers you need regarding your child’s hearing and offer you different treatment options. Do you have questions about our test? We encourage you to reach out at any time.

To schedule a hearing test for your children, reach out to us today by clicking the button below.
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