Hearing Aids and Solutions

Hearing Aids and Solutions

With so many hearing aid manufacturers and large medical companies owning retail hearing aid clinics and with so many hearing aids with various levels of technology on the market these days, choosing your new hearing aids can become a bit daunting and confusing.

Choosing the right hearing aid is such a personal individual decision and hearing aids are not a one size fits all solution. Let’s face it everyone has different listening needs and requirements. Some people want nothing more than a basic pair of hearing aids where the next person wants to be wirelessly connected to their mobile phone, Ipods, computers and television.

At All Ears in Hearing we want to help you choose the right hearing aid solution tailor made to you the individual. All Ears in Hearing is independent, local, family owned and operated since 2006. We are not owned by large medical companies or hearing aid manufacturers All Ears in Hearing is owned by Audiologist Rachel Gibson and Audiometrist Brad Cochrane.

Our staff are not paid commissions and are fully qualified – all our clinicians have a minimum of 12 years experience in the hearing industry. This means that we offer you unbiased expert advice and you can be assured that you are being offered the most appropriate solution to your hearing needs, lifestyle and budget.

We fit the latest technology and hearing devices from all the leading manufacturers and offer all our clients a complimentary 2 week trial of hearing devices and a personalised hearing program. We spend time with you explaining your hearing loss, styles, features and benefits of devices and answer any questions you may have. Our devices are priced competitively and we pride ourselves on our service to our clients.

We are not owned by large medical companies or hearing aid manufacturers

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