Cochlear Implants

If you are struggling to hear speech or feel your hearing aids are no longer providing benefit, it may be time to consider a cochlear implant.

For some people, cochlear implantation can be the best way to optimise hearing, for others, a cochlear implant in one ear and continued use of a hearing aid in the other can provide enhanced hearing performance.

With the latest Made for iPhone technology, you can connect to the people you love and stream phone calls, video, music and entertainment directly to your implant.

With the Nucleus Smart App, you can adjust your settings across a range of environments to help you always hear your best. You can also access personalised hearing information and locate a missing sound processor.

For challenging listening situations there are wireless accessories to help listen clearly in meetings, talk on the phone and watch TV without captions.

If you are considering an implant or would like more information on cochlear implants, please call or email All Ears in Hearing to arrange an appointment to discuss your options and to determine your suitability.

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